Stuff like this pisses me off. I’m sorry…but if you were actually a self-harmer, you wouldn’t be whoring the fact out on tumblr. 

For those who actually are going through some issues, get help. Trust me when I say that stuff gets better - and people have a pretty positive reaction to you bettering yourself. Whether its medication or therapy, do something. 

Stuff like this pisses me off. I’m sorry… but just because someone uses their tumblr to express themselves, doesn’t mean they’re whoring anything out. 

And just because someone has this on their blog, doesn’t mean they’re a self harmer. Maybe they can relate to it for a completely different reason. Maybe someone once promised them that they’d stop self harming and then they broke it, so when they saw this post on their dashboard they felt the need to reblog it. Maybe they even are self-harmers, and reblogged this because it’s happened to them before. And just because they don’t hide it, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

I have a few friends who self-harm. One of them has cutting scars all up her right arm, and it doesn’t stop her from wearing short sleeves. She’s not ashamed of the thin white lines anymore, she doesn’t care if people see. I have another friend who has burn scars all over her arms and legs, yet she still wears short sleeves, shorts, and bikinis.

And just because you’ve read 5 books on psychology doesn’t mean that your point of view is always right. Self-harm and mental disorders are far more complicated than that. 

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